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Ahmed N. Khan

We live in a stressful 9-5 world running in a rat race 5 days a week till we are 60. In this race to survive and put food on the table, we often forget about the beautiful world around us.

A calm night under the star and an early morning hike can be nature’s best therapy to forget about the past week’s troubles and prepare your mind and soul for the challenges of the next.

Once in a month, pack your camping gear, drive to the nearest camping spot and embrace the wilderness.

You can thank me later.


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Recommended list of camping accessories.


Everything about clothes, shoes, and others.

My Story

My name is Ahmed and I am an outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in the countryside, I have a special connection with the wilderness.

I have been camping alone and with others for a long time and have learned a lot about surviving outdoor.

This blog is my way to share the knowledge I have gained and stay connected to what I love.

My Favourite Caming Spots

A list of my favorite spots destinations around the country where you can enjoy a calm night under the stars.

Kumrat Valley, KPK.

Chitral National Goal Park, Pak.