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Recommended Camping Gear

Tents, Sleeping, and Other Camping Gear

Here are some of my favorite sleeping gear that I have used over the years. Many of them are still with me, like my 3-season Marmot tent (going strong even after 7 years of heavy beating).

Recommended 3 season tent

Marmot Crane Creek

Marmot makes great camping gear and is very popular among campers. I have been rocking their Crane Creek tent for my summer backpacking & camping and I love it.

I highly recommend this 3-season tent.

Recommended 4 season tent

Geertop All Season Tent

I have done a few tough winter camping trips and my Geertop has never disappointed me. It can take serious snow and wind beating without any issues.

Great value for money!

Recommended sleepig bag

Marmot Ironwood 20F

I always prefer down over synthetic bags. It is a bit more expensive but lasts forever. The Marmot Ironwood mummy bag is perfect for low-temperature camping.

Comfortable as low as 20 F.

Recommended Hammock

ENO SingleNest

ENO SingleNest is my go-to hammock in a very affordable price range and offers the best value.

If you prefer slightly more room, you can also go for the DoubleNext double hammock.

Recommended air mattress

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir

This lightweight air mattress is made specifically for backpacking. With a weight of less than 2 lb, strong Nylon construction, and an R-value of 6.9.

This is your ideal camping air mattress.

Recommended Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite

Don’t like air mattresses? Get this comfortable closed-foam sleeping pad. It’s lightweight, easy to deploy, and much more reliable than an air mattress.

I have been using Z lite as my primary bed for a few seasons.

best camping fuel cannister

MSR Isopro Blend

MSR Isopro is blended fuel (propane+butane) that combines the best fuel types. It is lighter than propane and works at lower temperatures than pure Butane.

recommended camping stove for travellers and backpackers

MSR Pocket Rocket

This tiny & portable travel stove has been the camper’s favorite for a long time.

Works with Lindal valve cans and Coleman propane cans via G Works adaptor.

recommended camping pot

Stanley Cook Pots

Quite famous among most campers, the Stanley cooking set is a 20oz stainless steel pot that comes with 2 additional cups. It’s lightweight and perfect for camping.

camping kitchen set

Need Help?

Need to get camping gear but not sure which one is best for you? Send me an e-mail, and I will be happy to suggest a suitable one.